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  • TrevorNoah

    Trevor Noah- New Daily Show Host

    Source: The New York Times In December, Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old comedian, made his debut as an on-air contributor on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” offering his [...]
  • o

    2:27 Matinee Showing TODAY!

    At some point I became that person that stop caring about tomorrow. Tomorrow has treated me so poorly, even to the extent of never showing up to meet me at the expectations [...]
  • definition_sapiosexual


    “It’s just something about those conversations that don’t need much explanations.” That moment at the tower of Babel had to be the most chaotic and I imagine full of [...]
  • gran-turismo-5-night-driving-photo-377754-s-1280x782


    I remember this one particular time I took a trip out of town just to clear my mind. It was completely random. When I got in my car just to get away from the mundaneness of [...]

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Something Like Poetry

Numbered Day Whatever…

by Parker The Original in Something Like Poetry

And just like that I can forget and remember to never mention it again   I become un- friendly when friends undo those words they spoke when we were speaking about [...]


‘Perfect’ by BJ The Chicago Kid [Press Play]

D.Reddi feat. J.Knight – My Dreams

The Review

The Damon Dash Interview 2015 [VIDEO]

by Parker The Original in Celebrity News

Dame Dash recently did an interview with Power 105 and it has the internet and the streets buzzing. I watched it all.  I did a self-evaluation of my ambitions and current [...]


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Balize- No Parameters

Money Matters

9 Signs You Should (Maybe) Quit Your Job Now

by Parker The Original in LifeStyle

SOURCE: Entrepreneur.Com By: John Rampton It’s not uncommon for employees to have a bad day or two — or week. And it’s pretty common for the average person to gripe [...]




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