Coachella 2014

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Many view Coachella as an American version of Glastonbury in regards to the size, calibre of acts and the likelihood of celebrity sightings.

The Telegraph describe the event as one fitting of the US “spring break” where “topless hunks and bikini’d girls strolled over-rare verdant ground surrounded by palm trees, sipping lattes behind Ray Ban shades in the sauna-like heat.”

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#TheDecidingFactor<<<< Everyday Life Ish

There is so much for us to decide on from our clothes, our career paths to whom we should fuck and who we should really commit to that it sometimes leaves our mind overwhelmed. I have to say that mainstream media has made it very clear of where they want our morals to lay; in a very selfish state where only what people see is what we should focus on adorning.  However, what about the silence that engulfs us in our lonely time (even if we are not alone)? You know that time when we should decipher our true self from the character we have created.

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Somewhere in the pages….

There are not too many places I refer to as heaven or my favorite place on earth; however, being enclosed by countless shelves of pages bound together or authentically awed by unthinkable miles of ocean and sand are the top two if not the only two. I write to you today from my favorite place on earth which feels like heaven; if heaven has a feeling I wish to feel here forever. Let me just get this off my mental plate before I prepare today’s wordly supper;

When I walked into heaven….

I felt you

Then I saw you

Or at least your type

that connected with my spiritual prototype

priceless artifact

of the romantic tales

I tell myself

while rocking myself to sleep

in the single-hood sheets

fit for a couple

A couple of mismanaged thoughts

could have me delusional

thinking this is loneliness

But I’m preparing for you


the down beat of frustration

with lyrics of sad love songs

that could make me bitter

fine tuning my taste

to harmonize with your


On the scale of love

I neither want to be sharp or flat

It will feel so natural

You will be here not for an assignmentl_ad8c5440-7d5b-11e1-b0ca-a38940c00001

But on assignment

and the lesson

will be less of

a coincidence

however a magical


euphoric room moving

answers to the


mind swirls

our fingers in our natural


I hope when I see my angel

in this heaven

I will have the guts to say


Until then

I will be here everyday

until the door closes

waiting on you

to open

this next chapter

in our life

my co-author—


P. Bryant!


Untitled-Excerpts from Remnants of the Beginning.

I don’t think I can even describe this feeling
the welling of these tears
has me searching for words
that I don’t think exist
the silence
and the emptiness
are caving in on my thoughts
How do I focus
on being able not to focus
I cried when I put my mouth between your legs
I continued to eat
as if to savor my sanity
the liquor gave me the courage
to try to continue the acts of sex
but my heart beat stop
when you told me to wait
and I couldn’t force my body to act
in a way it didn’t desire
I didn’t want to fuck
Because in some way I still love you
I still wish to hold you
but I know you are no longer here
and though we came together
we are speeding fast in different directions
I want to escape from the pain
of the past
no eraser
no white out
just delete the entire database
No bass or tremble
the music has ceased.

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So What Are We?

In the zone life has put a lot of us in we are extremely reluctant to allow anyone close to our tumblr_mglw0skMU11rxckzmo1_500hearts.  It feels like we all are healing from some kind of “pain” that put us in a protective mode suitable for the POTUS. We are not having it! Or at least that is what we tell ourselves when we even give too much attention to the thoughts of possibly letting go and entering that vulnerable place where anything is bound to happen.
Releasing the little we now have is death-defying freighting. Hell, the feelings of being broken beyond what we perceived could be repaired, the lonely nights, the pillow filled with tears, the holes in the wall, the random fucks that left us empty and the spiritual proclamations we don’t want to go in vain. It’s like looking back at a burning house and barely escaping. Standing there looking at the flames and allowing your insides to break because everything that defined you is now being turned to ashes; unrecognizable you venture down that path of rediscover. Though only steps away from past emotional destruction and being very head strong in our decisions of self-protection we can not deny what  is innate; the desire to be loved and wanted.

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Warm Rags

In materials I can’t find passion
Something is always in fashion
And my wardrobe is just not equip
I guess I am so unhip

My hips sway as I walk
Watching all the nice cars pass
I remember driving
And wanting
Yet wondering
What would happen
If I drove straight
With bled brakes

Now my smile I can’t hide
The peace is peaceful
And to think of a piece
Of it escaping me
Breaks my heart to pieces

I keep calm in the trenches
That’s where the test is
My wheels
Turn at the speed of
Whispering my strategies
In dim light
As I write
Therefore it appears
I speak in circles
I am going somewhere

The care I had
Caused devastation
Adult Gestation
Reverting back to the original plan
When I had a plan
Imagination in sand boxes
Building castles and dreams
Thinking about the things
To make her gleam

I thought about it then
About my childhood friend
It was her skin
That made me grin
My heart didn’t comprehend
So why am I sin-ing
Help me
Because I am finding
Lies in your professed truth

If I get lost in worldly ventures
The deception paints it’s picture
And no one truly gets ya
If you haven’t caught the latest label
I don’t rock any
From apparel to preference
In this
I found the richest
Don’t comprehend wealth
And the wealthy
Have intangible riches

Is dwindling
New Years
Goal gloating
And I am here
Like do we hear
Better yet see
All the personal growth
We are losing
In the materials
To wax us cold
I’ll just keep warm
In my Regalia




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