Coachella 2014

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Many view Coachella as an American version of Glastonbury in regards to the size, calibre of acts and the likelihood of celebrity sightings.

The Telegraph describe the event as one fitting of the US “spring break” where “topless hunks and bikini’d girls strolled over-rare verdant ground surrounded by palm trees, sipping lattes behind Ray Ban shades in the sauna-like heat.”

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International Maverick LP

ARTIST ALERT: International Maverick [#beyondradio]

It is something about melodic samples from old school blues layered with story telling from a true lyricist that keeps my hope in REAL hip hop alive. Getting wind of the artist known as International Maverick makes life okay; I mean life without a radio. Chicago based rapper is making his name in the industry as he strides to tell the heart felt story of real life from his perspective.

His sound was too good for me to hold it from you. I am listening to his complete mixtape right now and will conduct a full research on how to talk to him to get the passion behind the music. Stay tuned. Until then enjoy!


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Untitled-Excerpts from Remnants of the Beginning.

I don’t think I can even describe this feeling
the welling of these tears
has me searching for words
that I don’t think exist
the silence
and the emptiness
are caving in on my thoughts
How do I focus
on being able not to focus
I cried when I put my mouth between your legs
I continued to eat
as if to savor my sanity
the liquor gave me the courage
to try to continue the acts of sex
but my heart beat stop
when you told me to wait
and I couldn’t force my body to act
in a way it didn’t desire
I didn’t want to fuck
Because in some way I still love you
I still wish to hold you
but I know you are no longer here
and though we came together
we are speeding fast in different directions
I want to escape from the pain
of the past
no eraser
no white out
just delete the entire database
No bass or tremble
the music has ceased.

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Remembering The One The United States Murdered; Dr. Martin L. King Jr.

Coretta Scott King: “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.” – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999.

Martin_Luther_King_Jr_NYWTSFrom the King Center on the family’s civil trial that found the US government guilty in Martin’s assassination:

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The “Re-Visit” Experience

It came rushing towards me

like someone had broken the levy

on feelings

because I was drowning in them

It had me stuck all day at work

staring at the computer screen

listening to my insides scream

I couldn’t let out a peep

because the people around me

are my new peeps

and they haven’t peeped

game on this level


all they know is the new me

or at least the me

I let them see

What the hell is going on?

Number and text messages deleted out my phone

so who is calling and sending for me like this


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The Reflection of Your Heart is Your Words

“There is a pre-destination for many things on this earth and above; however, sometimes words seem to fly as bullets shot by fools causing an upset in holistic understanding. And though we deal with the happenings of everyday as if they are all meant in some form of fashion to come to past, deep within me I wrestle with the notation that often times the non-avoidance of catastrophe caused by words were simply permissible not purposed.”  ~ParKer Bryant

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