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Former Love & Hip Hop Star Yandy Smith Talks Value of Black College Experience

by Yandy Smith July 13, 2012

The summer break is in full swing for many of you college students. And although I’m sure you’ve already applied and been accepted to your chosen college or university, I wanted to provide you with some insight on the HBCU experience.

Going away to college is an amazing experience. And attending a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) offers one that is truly unique. When applying to colleges during my senior year of high school, I always knew I wanted to go to an HBCU. My first inside look at the college experience was with the popular ’90s show, “A Different World.” Yes, I knew it was just a TV sitcom and only recounted a fraction of the HBCU experience, but I was still fascinated, leading me to Howard University in Washington D.C. Once I settled in at HU, I felt right at home.

HBCUs have such a rich cultural history and offer a unity that predominately white schools may not. HBCU’s were created many years ago to provide an opportunity for black people seeking a higher education. Today, some people are not in support of black students attending predominately black universities because they say it’s not representative of the real world and does not offer the same educational values as other universities


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